Аккорды Песни из кинофильмов - The Place Where Lost Things Go (из кинофильма "Mary Poppins Returns")

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Intro: Gb Ebm | Bb/F Ebm/Gb | Gsus Fm/G | Esus E
A           C#m
Do you ever lie
D        A2/C#
Awake at night
Bm               Bm/A
Just between the dark
        E/G#    E
And the morning light
A                 C#m
Searching for the things
D           A/C#
You used to know
Looking for the place
          E7sus E7     A/C#
Where the lost  things go
A           C#m
Do you ever dream
D      A2/C#
Or reminisce
Bm                  Bm/A
Wondering where to find
         E/G#   E
What you trully miss
      A               C#m
Well, maybe all those things
     D        A/C#
That you love so
Are waiting in the place
          E7sus E7     A
Where the lost  things go
C#m             D
Memories you've shared
C#m               D
Gone for good you feared
        Bm             F#m
They're all around you still
               G      E
Though they've   disappeared
C#m              D
Nothing's really left
   C#m            F/C
Or lost without a trace
Nothing's gone forever
     E7sus  E
Only out of place
   A             C#m
So maybe now the dish
    D       A/C#
And my best spoon
    Bm               Bm/A
Are playing hide and seek
       E/G#     E
Just behind the moon
A               C#m
Waiting there until
D            F
It's time to show
Dm                  G9/B
Spring is like that now
A/E             G9/F
Far beneath the snow
A/E           F#m
Hiding in the place
          Bm7  E7sus E7 A C#m
Where the lost things   go
D A/E | Bm | Esus E7 A | A 
C#m                D2
Time to close your eyes
   C#m             D2
So sleep can come around
    Bm                 F#m
For when you dream you find
           G       E
All that's lost is found
C#m          D2
Maybe on the moon
   C#m             E/C
Or maybe somewhere new
Bm7-5                          E7sus   E7
Maybe all you're missing lives inside of you
   A                 C#m
So when you need her touch
    D      A/C#
And loving gaze
Bm              Bm/A
Gone but not forgotten
       E/G#    E
Is the perfect phrase
A              C#m
Smiling from a star
     D         F
That she makes glow
Dm                 G9/B
Trust she's always there
A/E             G9/F
Watching as you grow
A+/E            F#m9add4
Find her in the place
          Bm7  E7sus E7 F | Bb F/A | A
Where the lost things   go