Аккорды The Seldom Scene - Love Of The Mountains

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Дата добавления: 21 Марта 2024г.
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Verse 1:

G                C               G
Two trees on the hillside of the mountain
D              C             G
Always looking up towards the sky
G             C              G
Reminds me of my mama and my papa
D               C                   G
Who lived there 80 years before they died


G                       C             G
Now the bright moon is shining in the valley
D                     C                  G
That old wagon leans against a stack of hay
G                  C           G
Two graves on the hillside by a cabin
D                  C             G
My mom and dad are resting there today

Verse 2:
Oh the burning of the greenwood on the fireplace
The fallen snow around the red bud tree
The branches of the laurel by the creek bed
And the rippling waters of the gentle stream


Verse 3:
Now papa used to talk about the young days
When he and mama first settled there
He spoke about the love of the mountains
That he and mama shared together there