Аккорды Half Man Half Biscuit - All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit

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Дата добавления: 06 Июня 2024г.
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(Intro Bb Eb Bb Eb)
          Bb                  Eb
There was one in the gang who had Scalextric
      Bb                              Eb
And because of that he thought he was better than you
      Bb                     Eb
Every day after school you’d go round there to play it
Bb                    Eb
Hoping to compete for some kind of championship
       Bb                                Eb
But it always took about fifteen billion hours to set the track up
    Bb                    Eb                          Bb  Eb  Bb  Eb
And even when you did the thing never seemed to work
         Bb                 Eb
It was a dodgy transformer again and again
  Bb                 Eb
A dodgy transformer again and again
         Bb                 Eb
It was a dodgy transformer again and again
  Bb                     Eb                      Bb  Eb  Bb  Eb
A dodgy transformer that cost three pound ten
        Bb                            Eb
So he’d send his doting mother up the stairs with the stepladders
   Bb               Eb
To get the Subbuteo out of the loft
   Bb                        Eb
He had all the accessories required for that big match atmosphere
    Bb                           Eb
The crowd and the dugout and the floodlights too
      Bb                           Eb
You’d always get palmed off with a headless centre forward
      Bb                            Eb             Bb  Eb  Bb  Eb
And a goalkeeper with no arms and a face like his
         Bb                       Eb
And he’d managed to get hold of a Dukla Prague away kit
        Bb                                 Eb
Cos his uncle owned a sports shop and he’d kept it to one side
          Bb                         Eb
And after only five minutes you’d be down to ten men
         Bb                                      Eb
Cos he’d sent off your right back for taking the base from under his left winger
    Bb                         Eb
And come to half time you were losing four-nil
Bb                    Eb
Each and every goal a hotly disputed penalty
         Bb                               Eb
So you’d smash up the floodlights and the match was abandoned
        Bb                          Eb
And the dog would bark and you’d be banned from his house
         Bb                    Eb
And your travelling army of synthetic supporters
         Bb                      Eb                 Bb  Eb  Bb  Eb
Would be taken away from you and thrown in the bin
         Bb           Eb
Now he’s working in a job with a future
   Bb               Eb
He hands me my Giro every two weeks
    Bb                          Eb
And me I’m on the lookout for a proper transformer …errr
Но если и музыка нас оставит, что будет тогда с нашим миром? (Гоголь)
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