Аккорды Half Man Half Biscuit - I Went To A Wedding

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  I went to a wedding though only the night time;

I didn’t know them that well, 
I watched on from the margins at the dance floor crowded.

    B7                A
The DJ adhered to the rule of occasion – “Dancing Queen”

“Shoop Shoop Song” “You’re The One That I Want”
                           E         F                           E
They’re the ones that they want – he knew his trade well I could see.

         B7             A 
And at a table nearby I heard a girl saying to a tall balding guest
“So you’re Brad Friedel:  I’m mildly impressed”.
  B7                    A
I thought I’d chance my arm, her reply won my heart
“So, you’re William Pitt – Elder or Younger?”

    B7                    A
And then inexplicably for reasons unfathomable
But to me wholly admirable the DJ played us some Tallis.
   A                          B7                        E
He yanked off The Corrs in disgust and announced Thomas Tallis:

“Lamentations of Jeremiah”.

 B7                          A
Across an empty dancefloor I walked to commend him
And also enquire if he had any Dowland.
    B7                                  A
The incident passed, things got back to normal
At the end of the evening everyone staggered out singing

And they were singing………..

       A                         E
Oh you can’t put your foot up in Europe
    A                             E
You can’t show your studs on the ‘nent
     A                    E
They take a dim view of a slightly raised shoe
   A                  B7         E         B7
So think on if you’re up against Ghent, my lad
      A            B7         E      B7 E
Think on if you’re up against Ghent.
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