Аккорды Half Man Half Biscuit - Soft Verges

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   So I’m walking down the road and heading towards me

Is somebody I know, but not like a brother

He’s seen me, and we both realise

That we’re going to have to put into operation the tricky manoeuvre that is

Acknowledgment without breaking stride.

So I keep my eyes fixed firmly on the ground,  ‘til I get within ten or so feet away

With a nod of the head and a timely hello I can carry on walking, don’t wanna get talking

Rule number one – carry on walking and anyway I don’t know his name.
                                                                               G D Em  G D  C
And if I were to guess I’d guess it all wrong and I’d be there for a long time.

         G                   F
How’s it going, where’re you living
       Bb                C
Do you still see much of Steve?
        G                F
Are you married, are you working
       Bb                 G       C D G  C D G  C D Em
Do you still drink in the Swan?

Inside back page, Radio Times “My kind of day” with the actors and actresses

I get up about six, and I have a cold shower, switch on “Today”, Vitamin C

Write some letters ‘til quarter past eight when Olivia takes Oliver to school.

It’s about an hour’s drive to Shepperton from ours

So I go through the scripts in the back of the car

And if I get hungry I’ll eat a Multigrain Bar.

Weekends are good we can walk the South Downs as a family

But of course what most people never realise

Is that us poor actors are out of work
                               G D  Em  G D C
For ninety percent of the time.

        G                  F
Yes, of course I must have missed you
       Bb             C
At the Job Club yesterday
      G                F             Bb                    G       G F Bb C  G C Bb G  Em
Maybe you were signing on or finding out about free school meals.

D            G    D       G     D            G    D       G
Gary doesn’t live here anymore, Gary doesn’t live here anymore
D            G    D       G     D           G    D               G        C D G  C D G  C D Em
Gary doesn’t live here anymore, Gary took a dive from the second floor.
Но если и музыка нас оставит, что будет тогда с нашим миром? (Гоголь)
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