Аккорды Jeannie Seely - Someone's Waiting

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Key G    to keep this a novice song (D)is a D#

G     D7     G     G

[Verse 1]
G            G7       C
Don't say no more someone's waiting
         D                              G  D7
And I've always been as true as I could be

     G           G7       C
Your lips are so warm and inviting
    G                D                     G
But I'd better leave someone's waiting for me

[Verse 2]
                 G7           C
If he knew I was here he'd be crying (crying)
           D                         G   D7
And that's something I never want to see

        G            G7           C
Oh your hands are so warm they're too warm
    G                               G
I'd better go someone's waiting for me

      D                              C    G
And I love him much too much to ever hurt him
     A7                      D     D7
We’d both be better off if I leave

     G                G7         C
Fate was so unkind to throw us together
    G            D                    (D)  G
I'd better leave someone's waiting for me