Аккорды Manchester Orchestra - 50 Cent

Добавлено: @romashka
Дата добавления: 10 Февраля 2024г.
Просмотров: 81
Tuning: 1/2 step down 

F-  3210
C- 32100
Am- 02210

F  C  G
50 cent is my favortie rapper in the whole world
F   C   G
Not because of the rhymes or the shoes or the things or the stuff that he does, he owns
F  C G    Am
I just think We'd get along

Am  G
he made 400 million,
F    C  G
 on that alone you could pretty much be ok for the rest of your life
G  Am  Em
and he bought a boat
F  C
could've bought a god damn tv station

F  C
and if i dont get my hands on him soon 
F  C
if i dont get some bling of my own
F  C
im gonna get straight out of this town 
 start again anew 

i need 50cent

Am Em    F C
i want to be 50 cent
F C  G
regardless of his vitamin water campaign ads
F  C G Am
just think he's a cool guy that id like to hang out with 
F  C  G
who knows we should grab a drink and maybe a beer
F  C  G 
well if you dont drink beer than coffee
          F    C G
no not coffee either than tea or something like that
 F  C G    Am  G
Cause i got your first record i dont think anything's done aswell since then
F  C  G
but man that just seems to be how it goes
F  C
so dont get bummed out
F  C
cuz even if your raps dont sell out
F  C  G
you've still got like half a billion fucking dollars
F  C G
so try to be cool and call me back 
F  C  G
i've left you seven messages since we met
F  C G
outside the el ray in los angelus
F  C G
i think you were busy, i dont know
F  C  G 
you were holding your sidekick telephone
F  C  G
and i dropped it in my soda of coke 
F  C  G
and your bodygaurds beat the fuck out of me 
F  C  G   
and that part of the los angelaus trip sucked.
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