Аккорды The Black Crowes - Cold Boy Smile

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TUNING: EADGBe (Standard), with a capo at the 5th fret.

Rich is in standard with a capo at the 5th fret for this song on Brothers of a Feather, 
it sounds like he does the same with the full band.  These are the chord shapes with the 
at the 5th fret (not the actual pitch of the chord):

I'll fetch you water from the well
                               Em/F#   G               Em/F#
If you sweep all the ashes out into       the wind
As we sit by the candlelight again
                                  Em/F#    G
Two moths that hover close to the light       of morning

This is only the first verse, but there is no need to repeat myself, the chords are the 
for the rest of the verses.

C           C/B       Am   C/F# G
And how you made this cold boy  smile

D       Dsus2/C    G6/B    Gm6/Bb  A
When we are     in har     mo      ny

CAPO AT 5TH FRET.  These are the chord shapes, not the actual pitch-

Em: 022000
Em/F#: 2x2000
G: 320003
C: x32010
C/B: x22010
Am: x02210
C/F#: 2x2010
D: xx0232
Dsus2/C: x30230
G6/B: x20030
Gm6/Bb: x10030
A: x02220