Аккорды The Black Crowes - She

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The intro is really a step down from the formation of the Em
Tab here: Play the Em, then strum stepping down 1 fret at a time on D string
I actually play this each time I reach the Em.  It somewhat emulates
what Rich Robinson does, when playing this song in open G..

INTRO – Em - Ebm - D – Db - CG  

G    F#m                Bm
She  she  came from the land of the cotton
Em            Em7                 C        G…
Land that was nearly forgotten by everyone
G   F#m                Bm
And She worked and she slaved so hard
Em                      Em7              C         G…
A big old field was her back yard in the delta sun

F   C                      G
Oh… Oh, but she sure could sing
F   C                  G
Oh… Oh, she sure could sing

G    F#m                   Bm
He…  He looked down and he took a little pity
Em                        Em7            C              G…
The whole town swore they knew it was to help her some
G       F#m                   Bm
And he… He didn't mind if she wasn't very pretty
Em                           Em7              C          G…
For deep inside his heart he knew She was the only one

F   C                      G
Oh… Oh, but she sure could sing
F   C                  G
Oh… Oh, she sure could sing

She had faith, she had believin’
Led all the people together in singin’
And she prayed every night to the Lord up above

    C    G6  A7         A7       C    D
    Hal… le… lu-jah      Halle… lu…  jah

G      F#m                Bm
They…  Used to walk singing songs by the river
Em                      Em7              C         G…
Even when she knew for sure She had to go away

G    F#m                      Bm
She, she  never knew what her life had to give her
Em               Em7                    C          G…
She never had to think about it For one single day



Repeat VERSE-1

CHORUS X 2 to End