Аккорды Песни из видеоигр - Daughter of the Sea (из видеоигры "World of Warcraft" (Warbringers: Jaina))

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[Куплет 1]
   Am               G              Am
Beware, beware The Daughter of the Sea
  Am      G         Am
Beware, I heard him cry
    Am             G             Am
His words carried upon the ocean breeze
       Em               Am
As he sank beneath the tide

[Куплет 2]
       Am                    Asus2  Am
Those blood-soaked shores of Kalimdor
       Am     G          Am
Where sailors fought and died
     Am             Asus2  Am
The admiral fell at Theremore
   G                 Am
Because she left his side.

[Припев 1]
Why this? Why this?
Oh, Daughter of the sea?
    G                                 Am
Why this? Did you forget your seaside days?
  G              Am
Always the pride of our nation's eyes.
    Em   G           Am
How could she go astray?

[Куплет 3]
     Am      Asus2                 Am
When she did flee across the ocean deep
    Am       G        Am
The admiral followed west
      Am      Asus2
What else but sail
To save a daughter's life
    Em                  Am
And pray she still drew breath?

[Куплет 4]
     Am      Asus2
But there he found
Upon those distant shores
 Am      G        Am
Enemies ´pon the rise!
     Am                 G      F
But when he faced those savage foes
     G              Am
His daughter stood aside.
[Припев 2]
    G            Am
And buried deep beneath the waves.
   G             Am
Betrayed by family.
        G      Am
To his nation, with his last breath, cried
           F        G      Am
Beware the Daughter of the Sea.

  Dm  E

[Куплет 5]
  Am       Asus2
I heard, I heard
Across a moonlit sea.
The old voice warning me
 Am     Asus2                       Am
Beware, beware the Daughter of the sea
  G              Am
Beware, beware of me.