Аккорды Green Day - Time of your life

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Gmodal   :320033
C9       :032033
Dsus4    :000233
Em7      :022033

Tab 1 & Intro

Verse: (play each line twice, then go to chorus)

   G                              C9             Dsus4
   |-------3--------------3--------------3------------3--------|    then it repeats, so it almost
   |----------3-------------3--------------3------------3------|    sounds like it goes C9, Dsus4,
   |-------------0------------0--------------0-----2------2----|    Gmodal. So, after the end of the
   |---0--------------0--------------2-----------0-------------|  Dsus4 bit, go straight to the G
   |------------------------------3----------------------------|  bass note.

    Em            Dsus4           C9                G
   |------3------------3-------------3------------3-----------------|   The above line gets played
   |--------3------------3-------------3------------3---------------|     twice, then this twice, and that's
   |----------0-----2------2-------------0------------0-------------|     the verse.  Then the line after
   |---2----------0---------------2------------0--------------------|     that is the chorus.  Not that
   |----------------------------3-----------------------------------|   complex, but this IS Green Day,
   |-0---------------------------------------3----------------------|   after all.

    Em            G            Em              G

    Em             Dsus4
   |------3---------3------|  Okay, now, it's important that you go straight back into the
   |--------3---------3----|  opening G of the verse, because the Dsus4 sort of leaves you
   |----------0---------2--|  hanging there.  Then play the first half of the verse once
   |---2----------0--------|  through, then start it all over again.


Verse 1:

G C9  Dsus4    G
Another turning point a fork stuck in the road
G              C9     Dsus4          G
Time grabs you by the wrist directs you where to go
Em          Dsus4     C9      G
So make the best of these days and don't ask why
Em    Dsus4   C9                G
It's not a question but a lesson learned in time

Em                  G        Em              G
It's something unpredictable in the end it's right
Em                  Dsus4        G (where verse riff cuts back in)
I hope you have the time of your life.  (Start struming G  C  Dsus4)

Verse 2:
G     C9              Dsus4               G
So take the photographs and stillframes in your mind
G            C9        Dsus4              G
Hang it on a shelf; it could've been good times (couldn't get this line, fix it if you know it)

Em         Dsus4 C9   G
Tatoos and memories and asking on trial
Em       Dsus4        C9            G
For what it's worth it was worth all the while


Instrumental(Strum over Violins)


End with Tab 1 and then |---------|
                        |------0--|  and end on a G
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