Аккорды Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone

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Дата добавления: 30 Апреля 2018г.
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     Am                 C            F               E
Good thieves of burning cars encirle poisened rivers minds and hearts
Am             C                    F                  E
Horses want to dance but find their wings are damaged, water damaged
Am              C              F             E
Gold is selling well but hurry nightly ocean rising fast
  Am             C              F               E
A big man with a plan has got a storm a-coming, monster coming.

Am, F, C, E x 2

Abm, G x4

Em, Em, Bm, D x4

     Em      Bm D       Em  Bm D
From Atlantis   to interzone
   Em                 Bm D
You start on the edge   and you end on your own.
From Atlantis to interzone
You start on the edge and you end on your own

Abm, G x3

Abm            G
We're fragments of fiction

Am, C, F, E x 3

Abm, G x2

     Am            C                    F               E
Your dead man half alive who hangs from helping numbers one to five
    Am                    C                    F                E
His ears pricked with the knife hears that the east are coming, west are
     Am        C            F            E
From gravity's rainbow, the axis here is still unknown
    Am               C         F                      E
The children's faces glow. The wasteland guides them, wasteland guides them.
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